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A hodgepodge of creative endeavors,
including artwork, photography, cooking,
fan fiction, articles on drawing and
other topics, and writing.

Harbingers Drawing

Green Trinity Knot
Green Trinity Knot with Purple Annulet

Fortune Favors the Bold
Fortune Favors the Bold

Sufi Winged Heart
Winged Sufi Heart

Don't Tread on Me
Don't Tread on Me Banner
FogWeaver Enterprises:
News and Designs
Medieval Cookery: Forme of Cury
Year Eight: Harry Potter Returns to Hogwarts (Fan Fiction)

On drawing (freehand and using Adobe Illustrator) and other topics.

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Original artwork and art photographs,
Celtic and Irish designs, quotes and maxims,
and sacred symbols.

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Original and historical American flag designs.

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Customizable products featuring
original artwork and art photographs,
 Celtic and Irish designs,
quotes and maxims, and sacred symbols.

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