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How to Draw A Trinity Knot Inside a Heart
The following instructions will help you create a Trinity Knot inside a heart.
Using Adobe Illustrator CS

Create a new document, 10" x 10".
Under View, turn on Show Grid, Snap to Grid, Snap to Point.

Polar Grid Select the polar grid tool, under the line tool.
Create a polar grid, 4" x 4", with no concentric dividers and 3 radial dividers. This is your Base Circle.
Use the transform window to place the center of the grid at x 4", y 4".
 If you want the knot to be standing on its point, rotate the polar grid 180 degrees using the transform window. Your drawing should now look like this.
One Circle Select the ellipse tool, under the rectangle tool.
Create an ellipse 4 1/2 " by 4 1/2". /This will be one of your Inner Arcs.
Using the direct selection tool, place the center of the elipse at one of the points on the polar grid. Your drawing should now look like this.
Six Circles Make two more elipses of the same size and put on the other two points.
Repeat the process with 5" circles. These are your Outer Arcs.
You should now have an image that looks like this.
NoGrid Select all and rotate 180 degrees using the left hand box at the bottom of the Transform tool. Delete the polar grid.
Now your knot looks like this, with a Trinity Knot in the middle.
No Bottom Remove the two bottom arcs only. The upper arcs will form the top of the heart enclosing the Trinity Knot.
Almost Done Make a 5" rounded rectangle, rotate it 45 degrees, and place the center point at x 4", y 4.2165". Erase the two upper sides. Repeat with a 4.5" rounded rectangle. This forms the bottom of the heart.
Trinity Heart Clean up. Erase the inner rectangle and outer circles to make an uninterrupted heart shape on the bottom of the design. Leave the squares where the Trinity Knot intersect the heart, but make the center of the knot intertwine. Following the arcs, remove lines from the interior triangle so each arc appears to go over one and under another before rejoining the heart. Now the Trinity Knot is inside the heart.
You can make a variety of
designs using these directions.
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Blue Trinity HeartGreen Trinity HeartPurple Trinity HeartRed Trinity Heart